India Travel Guide

India has vast diversity in terms of geographical features, Climate, Traditional Customs & religion, Heritage, Clothing’s, Festivals, worship of gods, spoken Language, Lifestyle, flora and fauna, food etc.In India ,22 major languages and 720 dialects are used but all of the tourist destinations have Hindi and English as common language. India forms an amazing blend of Indian, Mughal & Colonial culture and heritage. The people in India are very affable and hence its makes even the first time visitors feel like home.

Exploring India is like a roller-coaster ride, everything you desire is here:

If you are planning for romantic & peaceful getaways than choose Kashmir, Himachal, Darjeeling, Udaipur and also pay a visit to symbol of love Taj Mahal for once in a lifetime experience.

To feel the history and heritage of India Explore the forts of Rajasthan, Ajanta & Alora Caves in Maharashtra, colonial buildings of Shimla and lots more.

If you an adventure seeker : Head on for Rishikesh for white water rafting, or take a trek to Himalayas or just ride a bike on thrilling roads of Leh.

If you are fond of beaches, Marine life, backwaters, waterfalls: than Goa ,Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar are ideal destinations for you.

If angels and demons subject is your type than India have it all: For a sacred trip proceed to amaranth Yatra, vaishnodevi trek, visit Somnath temple in gujrat, admire Jagganath temple in puri and the list just goes on.

If the ghost and spirit chapter attracts you than wander in shaniwarwarda Fort in Pune (or as alternative bhangarh fort of Rajsthan, take a hault in Ramoji city in Hyderabad or just stroll in Dumas Beach Gujrat.

For foodie person no other country can be better than India.

The aromatic spices of street food will fill your senses and you ll find it yourself licking your fingers again n again. To have an opulent experience of Indian cuisines you can set a date in Best restaurants of India i.eWasabi of The TajMahal, Mumbai, Varg of TajMahal , Delhi & India Accent of The Manor, Delhi .

Tips for first time visitors in India:

Carry mandatory documents & things Passport, Visa along with the copies, Medications etc. Also keep a good camera on hand to click sudden actions happening around you.

Do not carry Indian currency esp more than INR 5,000 /- to home country as it illegal.

The entry rates, transport rates etc are different for locals and foreigners. So take a help of local friend to help you negotiate the prices wherever possible.

Though pickpockets can be anywhere in the world and same goes with India. So beware of pickpockets and keep your belongings with you all the time.

If you want a solo and flexible tour go ahead and to gain insight of poverty of India. Be prepared for overcrowded transport, gang of beggars & vendors etc, high prices , unhygienic food and water sometimes. However, its not the case for hill stations where you ll find peace from all these things.

Keep the change with you as you ll requiring it for transport. buying groceries & food items.

To have a good experience : Hire Prepaid Taxis with A/Cs , Book 3 or up star hotels , visit high profile markets and malls, avoid much street food and never drink tap water. Always prefer mineral water bottles or naturally purified waterfall water.

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Most of the states get very hot in summers but few hill stations like Kashmir, Leh and Himachal; you might experience llittle cold in evenings so better carry few warm clothes too.

To avoid the stares in public areas wear casuals like jeans, t-shirts, boots, sandals, caperies etc and save the shorts and other clothes for Goa Beaches, Hippi zones or foreign areas. Though people in high profile areas of India wear all sort of clothes from traditional to typical western clothes but in public areas avoid such clothes.

Respect the culture and traditions of India. While entering the temples remove your shoes and any leather objects you are carrying. Cows can be found on roads, parks, etc so never mistreat them, they are considered holy in India.

Don’t feel offended if Indians start a conversation with you and or ask personal questions . Few people in india are just friendly and curious about your lifestyle. As per your preference you may either carry on the flow or excuse yourself. However be cautious as everyone don’t have the same friendly intentions so be strict and report the incidence to nearby police or leave that uncomfortable place.

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Highlights and interesting facts about India:

Tourist Attractions like Golden Temple &Wagah Border in Amritsar , Palaces & Forts of Rajasthan , Backwaters of Kerala , Architectural Temples of south India & beauty of Kashmir and Himachal are worth exploring.

India has the largest ,oldest civilization and continuous i.e Indus Valley Civilization.

India has the highest peak, highest cricket ground, highest bridge.

Sachin Tendulkar, the god of Cricket set an unbreakable record of34,000 runs in international cricket.

India is largest producer of Films and India is also known as Bird of Gold due to best economic status and worldwide trade hub in Pre-Mughal time.

India is the first country who invented Zero, Calculas, algebra, chess, buttons, shampoo, cataract & Plastic Surgery; Diamond Mining and water on moon.

Khumbmela is the largest gathering of people all over the world i.e more than 100 million people attending it.

Cherrapunji is the wettest place on earth receiving 463 inches of rain every year.

Martial Arts and yoga was first introduced in India.